Ex member looking for help!

Hello everyone… I was a member some time ago. Since some of you are still doing stuff from home, I am looking for someone who can make 6 special bolts like the one in the picture for me… the quarter is just for size comparison… if you have the posibility of helping (not for free), please text me 787 368 4422 (yes… is not a local number. Is a number from Puerto Rico, but I am located in Frisco and it won’t count as long distance)! I have the original, in case you need exact measures. Thanks in advance!

I assume the hex nut is machined as part of the upper piece. Does it always screw down and tighten fully against the other piece.

I’m asking because if a jam nut could be used much simpler to machine, it all be done a lathe.

I think it needs to be a two part thing so I can hold it im place while I’m putting the top part in.