Equipment for physical vapor deposition (PVD)?

Does science have equipment for PVD metal coatings? I’m wanting to make some stuff for the house, and want it to look spiffy.

I’d like to put common household metal finishes (bright brass, nickel, etc.) on a variety of common substrates (steel, plastic, etc.).

I know there are a variety of PVD processes, but the one I figured might be most attainable is one Ben Krasnow from Applied Science demoed involving sputtering in a vacuum chamber.

Also, what’s the largest workpiece that could be coated?


If we could do pvd I’d be all over that. Following.

I think it was plating, but didn’t @Josh_Melnick teach something on copper-plating 3D printed forms?

Josh Melnick is an expert in vapor deposition of films. Contact him.

Science does have a big vacuum chamber (a cylinder roughly 3 ft long by 15" diameter) that we intend to use for sputtering at some point. It would take some volunteer hours to get the process hashed out. Any takers to get this going once Makerspace opens back up?

@Josh_Melnick did teach copper plating of 3d prints at some point. Since he’s not active any volunteers to teach the class again would be appreciated…all the equipment / class materials are still there There’s also a box that might be a partially completed PVD chamber, but don’t quote me on that…

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ill be back someday