Equipment authorization issue

I recently reactivated my account after 6 months off. Badge works on doors, but not any of the tools I tried (table saw, jointer, planer). Is there something I need to do to get those working?

You did activate the same account, right?

That said, if you tried to use the woodshop machines immediately after adding the badge to your account, it takes them a “cycle” to reach out to Active Directory. I think that they refresh every 1/2 hour? Every hour?

In other words, it should be working now…

If you’re still up at the space badge into the little kiosk in the common room, you can check your groups there. If you don’t see the woodshop groups you probably created a new account and “joined” instead of “rejoined”

I got that part right - my groups are on there. Strangely it’s showing woodshop basics, woodshop 3 & 4, but not 1 & 2. I tried over an hour after re-adding my badge, but maybe didn’t wait long enough.

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Woodshop basics should cover all the tools [it is equivalent to Woodshop 1-4]. I’ve been told it can take up to 2 hours, so I would guess you got unlucky with the periodic update push.

Update: Badge is working on the planer, but not the jointer or table saws…

Everything working now. Just took three days.

Yes they had a communication problem that was fixed. Glad it’s all up and working for you.

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