Epoxy resin pool equipment repair

I have a pool filter with a cracked internal part, probably from my rocking the filters back and forth to remove them over the years. I won’t do that anymore. But I’m trying to repair rather than replace this large cartridge filter enclosure.

I first noted that debris was getting through the filter system in spite of intact filters. The cracks were a few inches long and there was no missing plastic but the water pressure keeps the crack open. BTW, pressure is positive from the top side as seen with respect to the inside of the cracked piece.

I initially repaired it with a plastic ‘welding kit’ and applied copious amounts of the plastic welding rods to both sides and over the crack. The welding sticks are probably some sort of HDPE ( the black material seen through the clear plastic layer) while I suspect the filter is polypropylene or even something more rigid. It did not melt well. but I managed to get it to mix just a bit with the HDPE sticks. Then I ‘welded’ a piece of clear type 5 (PP) plastic over the top. This worked for about a week before debris again began to flow through the filter system.

On inspection, as noted in the pics, the edge of the clear plastic did not seal well and is freely lifted just a bit away from the filter. And since it does leak, the underlying layer must also be broken.

So I’m thinking about doing the following.
Make about a 1 cm a ‘dam’ out of epoxy putty around the entire area shown in green. Then score the filter material with a dremel for better bonding.
Pour some sort of marine epoxy into the dammed area and let cure.

Replacement of the part would be expensive, not to mention a pain.

Might not work but I’ll try something.

Questions -
Any thoughts on this approach?
Ideas for a good resin or other material that can cure in less than a day or so?
Good source for a good resin that I can get in a day or so before my pool turns green? ( I did just hyper chlorinate it) Can’t stand the lousy pool but I got to take care of it. Came with the house. :sleepy:

I have the same filter and several years ago had the same problem, crack in the manifold. I tried various epoxies and glues and found nothing that would hold up for more than a few days. Save yourself some grief an just replace it. Poolpartsonline.com has them for about $45.00 you can probably find on on eBay or Amazon for a little less.


Hey thanks!! I’m a dummy!

I was thinking the thing was all one piece and did not realize the manifold could be replaced. Yeah, that’s the answer.


Cartrage filters are so obnoxious, I’d have replaced with a DE filter.

Usually those parts are made of pvc and aren’t hard to do a temp repair but as mentioned(and what it looks like you’ve done) it’s probably best to just replace it.

I agree, as are pools! Water, chemicals, electricity, equipment, not to mention the effort. Pool came with the house, though, in a yard full of trees - the worst situation.

I think I might opt for a sand filter but I do have the periodic cartridge cleaning down to a short process with the power washer.

No worries, I’m selling this place soon.


I’d go DE over sand. Especially since you can use cellulose instead of DE. Sand just doesn’t filter as well and you’re not saving much time/labor, especially when it comes time to change a few hundred pounds of sand. Cellulose makes a DE filter work better and is super convenient.

But yeah, those trees are a really big bummer. I used to be a pool guy, there were a few times I told a customer the “tree goes or I go”.

Yeah, I wouldn’t even bother to ask a pool service. No way would I take on my pool if I was a pool guy. Four kinds of trees - red oak, cedar elm, massive crepe myrtles and a large pine tree. Each one has about 4 kinds of debris at different times of the year - seeds, husks, pollen, leaves, bark - constant mess.

Thinking about a pool cover since I don’t use the pool. Would want a permeable but light occlusive material. I’ve measured the pool. It’s unfortunately one of those kidney, odd shapes.