Engraving / Etching / Burning / Whatever Aluminum

Here is the deal. The Multicam minions & Woodshop management are considering providing users with pups to register their work on the new sleds. These would be made out of aluminum at best case or 3D printed as a backup. It would be nice to put the users name on their pups ( 1" of stock, 50% 1" inch in diameter, and 50% 20mm in diameter. These are used to register jobs for (x,y) positioning. BTW, this is a trademarked/ utility patented gadget, so you other CNC committees don’t get any ideas:)


Any brilliant ideas(cost effective, easily executed) to mark these? LASER, acid etch, etc. As long as it is legal at the space. We might even Vcarve them on the Multicam.

Have them anodized and then laser etch at the space.

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They are like graduation tokens.

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Powder coated and laser etch to remove powder coat.


Either anodise or powder coat then laser, or just coat them in CRC dry moly lube then laser them (it’s effectively the same as Cermark, but 1/10th the cost)


@mdredmond can address as you have suggested long term, but we need something short term to get the buggy down the road. having personalized pups is a step past wearing a merit badge:)

Laser may still have a can of ceramark, spray them somewhere, bring them to the space and lase.

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And here I was going to say “Metaza”… Although, that engraving seems to be pretty shallow.

I forgot all about that machine. Can it handle a 1" tall object?

The machine is non-functional last I recall. There was debate about fixing/replacing/disposing

Wasn’t it very popular with the artist set?

Nope. Maker ingenuity fixed it up. I think it was … Raymond?

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My mind was wondering what gadgets, processes were the most popular with prospective members. What caught their eye and lead them to become excited about joining. Especially things that unskilled makers could cut their teeth on. Things that are easy to do, a low training barrier, and low cost to use. We can use all of these items we can find. Similar to finger painting for kids.

I am a proponent of project kits in all the committee areas. From easy to challenging. Painting by numbers was always fun. Remember when we had giant puzzles out in the common room for everyone to solve?

V-Carve the lettering using the MultCam into 6 mm hardwood then use epoxy to bind the two.


It’s functional.

A SolidWorks model for a dog cap.
Dog Cap.zip (599.9 KB)

Well if it were me, I’d put it in the HAAS to engrave it. :grin:

Throw in a collet block and a work stop, repeatability.

I’d also engrave it “Not Yours”


@brian Since not everyone following has Solid Works installed, post a pic of the dog cap you are referring to.