Engineered wood in Woodshop

Beyond the jointer and planer, any restrictions on cutting up engineered wood flooring? I have a bunch of cut offs that I want to see if I can use in a simple box project. I’d be using the table saw and router if possible

If you’re talking about the stuff that is basically plywood with a hardwood veneer then I’d just call it plywood and have at it.

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That’s what it appears to be. Some sort of hardwood on top with plywood underneath that makes the tongue and groove

I’ve cut countless pieces of that with my table saw w/ carbide blade and it never seemed to hurt the blade at all. I’d go ahead unless someone like @shoottx has a different opinion.

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I use it all the time. Consider it like plywood and go at it

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Nice, thanks guys


Go for it

The laminate dull cutters quickly so, unless you are running a lot sharpness of blades should be no problem. If the cuts start getting ragged change cutters

Re Engineered woods:
If you use some composite materials (not wood), they can be very abrasive. Like the laminate floors I put in my house. killed the blade (but it lasted long enough to finish the job). If that is the case, just bring your own blades for the table saw and bandsaws.