Endmills/taps left in PigSig

Hello. The bag of carbide endmills and 1/4-28 taps from MSC were left in the PigSig area. If anyone is looking for them, I have placed them in the main cabinet. cheers!

I wonder if these are the ones @themitch22 misplaced some time back. I always thought I saw them over in the pig pen area.

Have an Oinky day.

No these were part of our monthly order from MSC

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Mitch has his end mills. Charles found them, placed them on the HAAS table, and Mitch has them.

Did the “short” 1/4 inch end mill for the XXL come in?

Yes the short end mills came in. The shortest I was able to get was 1/2 LOC w 2” OAL if I remember correctly.

The taps were mistakenly left

yes. they are in the pig sig cabinet.

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Thanks sir! I’m anxious for the 1/8" collet to arrive. Look out Shakypoo!! Here I come.


I haven’t seen the collet yet.

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that’s a good nickname for it.

Is the monthly MSC order a group buy or just for the committee?

It’s just for the committee. It allows for those who have noticed we are out of something, low on it, or thoughts of need for an item to bring it up.

As many lists as I put together there is always something I miss or didn’t know about. I want the committee to get what they feel the need. Obviously there are limitations. I’m not going to snap my fingers and a 5 axis show up.