Enclosure For Laser

I’m looking for someone to help me build a enclosure for my XTool D1 Laser. Here is a video of the laser https://www.xtool.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Portable-Diode-Laserbox-D1-for-Laser-Engraving-Laser-Cutting.mp4 I want the enclosure so I can vent the fumes out of my apartment. Here are the Product Size (L x W x H)
23.54’’ x 23.23’’ x 5.91’’

Hey we’d spoke in person about helping you out with this, how tall are you wanting it and for you want the vaccum port on the top rear or one of the sides? Also how large to you want the viewing pane of acrylic to be? Which I think needs to be a special type to protect your eyes

Also we can do this with wood or thin gauge aluminum, as I’ve worked with that material before and we have a press brake and bending dies so we’d just cut square panels bend a 3/4 90Degree fold on the sides then channel our inner Rosie the riveter and it’ll be sturdy light width and with some sealing tape on the inside and a clean wear resistant finish maybe a matte grey which work with te orange view pane! But like I said I’ll never charge to help someone build something so let me know through dm what route you wanna go, I’m working on a cad model now although my boss might not be in favor of it but I’m caught up for the week(get it caught) dumb pun

Looks like the laser head is already enclosed and the machine is meant to be used without additional protection.

No we spoke in person the video was a reference to what he want but thanks for the tip as of now he’s using a fan and an open window which is why he wants something like the video

I get it. All I’m saying is that the acrylic doesn’t need to be anything special because there is already protection in place. That’s it.

My thinking was when it hits the surface I don’t know the science weather it reflects the harmful type of light or if it’s all diffused but that refraction was my concern cause the laser itself is in closed but say it hits a bright piece of maple I’m not sure if the material diffuses all the harmful rays and what you’re seeing is combustion or if there’s any reflection! Sorry for the snarky comment and misunderstanding I thought you were talking about the hood my apologies

But yea I have the riveter and everything so all you’d need is the sheet aluminum which I think 4x4(you’d need 2) at homedepot actually come out cheaper,that plywood you could also do thin gauge steel no benefits higher price harder work etc a aluminum is the best bet and that way you don’t have to worry about it ever expanding from moisture and the lid doesn’t close right etc etc that and we have tin snips at the shop but is he these shears that cut cleaner really they’re just the scissors they cut red ribbons with

How is the Cad model coming along? If I go with metal how would we seal the sides?

Pretty well, it’ll really help with the corner cuts we make with shears to form the bends! But so one of two ways, you can but I can’t weld aluminum but you can however silver it extremely easy which would be a great long term sealant or we could just use foil tape or something similar, solder would be my preference cause it add a tiny bit of reinforcement and seal around then rivets better

What are your plans for today?

Pmd you…….

Hey so keep in mind these cuts were made with sheets and the ones made with brakes will be laser straight also the bends were don’t in a machinist vice and ones with dies will be perfect but here a small model mock up to kinda show you what abs aluminum version would be, also this is sheet stainless I had as a failed previous project so ignore the paint haha