Enclosed cube & quilted steel

So Friday before & after the metal shop meeting I decided to make just some demonstration pieces of what can be done. So starting with the cube, I made a small brake finger out of 3/8 scrap. It was made about 2x2", I ground the edge back to allow for a full 90 degree bend. I then created in Inventor a T that measured 10" by 7.5". In this T I cut out on the PlasmaCam the initials of DMS. Now this was done in several steps on the PlasmaCam as the height controls is not dialed in yet. I did break the cuts up. After I made my cuts I cleaned all the dross off & to the magnetic brake I went.


The quilt was made by taking my sheet then rolling it through the slip roll gradually to get some curves.

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The multi-curved panel was then marked out about every 3". I took it over to the brake & gave it a slight tweak on each line which gave the quilted pattern. I think it might look even better with maybe some sort of engine turning on it.


Could that be done to a sheet of copper? but with a lot smaller squares?
I am thinking ones that are an inch or less, thinking jewelry here, I may try
some thing with the little odd hand tool I have, Thinking 22 g cpper

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I don’t see why not. It should do just fine on the brake.

Or we could get a bead roller to make this infinitely more simple to do. Just a thought. Then we could not only do tufted patterns like this but all sorts of cool designs as well.


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The new English wheel has a couple bead rolling dies. 5/8" & 1 1/2"


It looks like I need to talk to y all and find out what all is useful for me
so many tools, so little time!