Empty Bowls - Trinity Ceramics - Call for makers

The Empty Bowls fundraiser is right around the corner and the North Texas Food Bank needs your help now more than ever. A large portion of the donations are usually provided by schools and community studios. However, due to Covid-19, the limited number of students means there are fewer donations.

If you have any handmade bowls you would like to donate, we will be accepting them during store hours until February 24th:

9016 Diplomacy Row

Dallas, Texas 75247

Please help us to support Empty Bowls

To find out new procedures for Empty Bowls due to Covid-19.


when I was more involved with the Dallas Area Woodturners group we used to donate wooden bowls, I think they gathered donations every month.

Thanks for sharing this! I will add it to our signage and mention it at this evening’s committee meeting. The attachment says that they’re accepting bowls until 2.15. Am I reading it correctly that they will accept them as late as 2.24?

We should also go through the pottery on top of the shelves and pull all the bowls for this event. That’s the finished things they’d been trying to sell at the Farmer’s Market.

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Yes, it’s a bit of a mixed message. I don’t know the details to be honest…just sharing.

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I did a forged fold-form bowl for the 10x10 competition. Not ceramics, but I’d be glad to donate it if:
a) it’s suitable and
b) someone would take on the task of chipping off the hot glue which holds it to the wooden plank. (I’m out of state)