Emergency Eye Wash Stations

I have dropped off 2 Emergency Eye Wash Stations for use in the Science Department.

One of the stations has a mounting bracket attached on the back with a tie wrap. Suggest that you mount one of the Eyewash Stations on the side of your red chemical cabinet, then it can be used by your Department or anybody in the Flex Area. The chemical cabinet is strong enough to hold the weight of a properly filled unit. The other unit can set on a counter top if needed.


Thank you.



Awesome, thanks Rich

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Could this be used to flush out metal chips from an eye?


I suppose it could be used for flushing metal chips. Science has both of them now, you could ask the Science Chair if the Machine Shop can have one of them.

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I’ve seen these in machine shops.


thank you!!!

I believe there is also one mounted on the pillar between old automotive and traditional woodworking. Don’t know if it has been maintained (or what maintenance is needed).

Wonder what is needed to keep whatever the flush fluid is ( distilled water ? ) from growing slime over time.

May have to be an ongoing thing to keep an eye on.

It should be maintained by Cintas First Aid.

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The Eye Wash Stations need to be flushed and refilled with potable water every 90 days per the instructions on the label.

I removed one Eye Wash Station from Science and mounted it on movable cart. Probably the best area for it would be in the Warehouse area.


We should probably put a whiteboard / some mechanism on the units themselves which clearly show when it was last cycled & when the next one is due.


I’d recommend having different color labels for each date. I do something similar with my electrical gloves that I have to change out every 6 months. I go to the next color. Obviously this doesn’t work for my Class 2 gloves though.

BTW there is an electrical glove shortage. For those who may wonder. Last week I had to look through about 4-5 part numbers to find an in stock pair.


IMHO, having the eyewash station in a permanent location makes more sense: when one needs the Eyewash Station to wash out one’s eyes in an emergency, that is exactly NOT the time to try to find where it’s been moved.

I know plans are still somewhat in flux, but I would argue for finding a good PERMANENT location in the warehouse area and re-mounting it there as soon as walls, etc. have been finalized.


Great idea about making the Eye Wash Station a permanent fixture. We’ll see what location works best.