Emergency Committee Meeting Friday Nov 16 @ 6 pm


As discussed in the last committee meeting, we are planning on replacing our smaller kiln for a larger and more reliable kiln. We placed the vote on hold until we received more information on what needed to get fixed and how much it would cost to fix it and sell it. We now have all the necessary information to make a well thought out decision. Please join us this Friday, November 16th at 6:00 p.m. for an emergency committee meeting. We would like to meet in time to be able to post an agenda item for Monday night’s BOD meeting.


Since several people could not make it to the Friday or Saturday meeting, can you please post meeting notes? Please include the cost of repair to the small kiln, and the cost to have the kiln that pulled out of storage converted to 208?


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Random things I remember – we’re going to check out how much it costs to repair the little kiln. They’re considering selling it since it’s been breaking pretty regularly.

The statement about the gift kiln was that they wanted to turn it into a raku kiln. It will require both replacement of the fire brick and conversion to 208 if we want to use it as a regular kiln.



The Chair may hold an emergency Committee meeting with 5 days notice on the forums of DMS, and on signs conspicuously posted in the committee area, provided a good faith effort to notify all current committee members is performed, and that the time of the meeting is not unreasonably restrictive on the members.


Some how this was not in the normal feed. I don’t believe anyone saw it until I posted a comment this evening, then it populated ,

I had to really look to find it, cause I thought it was odd they had a meeting tonight Saturday night without inviting committee members. They must have also changed this from Friday to Saturday?

Anyway please post notes on the Friday and Saturday meeting. I’m sure everyone would like to be in the loop. I’m not the only one interested in the details.

Beth, I thought there was no Raku permitted outside by the landlord? Did I hear wrong on that?


committee meeting was friday. i will be posting the minutes when i get a chance. the “meeting” tonight/saturday wasn’t a committee meeting. we were being shown how to post an agenda item for the BOD meeting and going over the proposal for the board.


It wasn’t in my normal feed either, I only just found out that there was a meeting.


I probably should have commented on it when I saw it – that would’ve pulled it into the “stream”.


Ok, but it was only posted 3 days ago. An emergency meeting is suppose to be 5 days.


All speculation – no hard yes or no, so far as I’ve heard. Certainly the 2 times DMS has had a raku event, it’s been off-site.


Thanks Beth, Would be great if it can happen on site. Would be a great for all members to watch.


I know I saw it a couple days ago.


I found the board agenda item:



DMS does not currently own a working kiln.

Can you brief me on our current Kiln situation? Most of them are on loan right?

I don’t frequent the physical space often :frowning:


The larger kiln that we’re using is on loan from Nathan Jones. It currently is working fine, but isn’t ours.

The smaller kiln failed to reach temp. Repairs to it only last a few months, or so it seems. Mind you, it is usually something different. We own this one.

The kiln we were given (same size as the larger kiln) turned out to need replacement of the fire bricks AND rewiring for 208. We (DMS) found out (with the big glass kiln) that it takes too long to heat if you’re running 208V on a kiln wired for 240V. And the controller sees that as bad, and will abort the program. We own this one.


Thanks, based on the number of pieces I see coming out of the Kilns each week, I have no problem voting in favor of this.

What is DMS’s benefit of using “Kiln Link”?

Is the goal to buy a 1 phase or 3 phase machine, 208 or 240V?


Kiln Link lets the kiln be monitored via phone from off-site. It just makes it easier for the person running the kiln to check on things. It also will send an alert if the kiln program aborts.

From talking to @dallasmagna, the kilns are probably running on 1 phase. We need to run 208V, because that’s the only higher voltage coming into the building. Probably coming into the entire block. We’re getting 480V, but the HVAC is using all of the available amount of that (assuming that I followed the electricity discussion on the expansion correctly).