Embroidery on hats

Hi Makers, is anyone available to provide some coaching on embroidery for hats? I have a church project and as I generally spend my time in the wood shop, embroidery would be a skill set I’d need to acquire for this.

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What type of hats? Ball caps? Beanies?

Ball Caps.

I don’t think we have a hat hoop at the space. @dryad2b @John_Marlow

I know that the original embroidery machine we’ve got doesn’t embroider directly onto hats. And, I’m pretty sure that the newer one doesn’t have that fixture either. @ladysandry?

One could do patches that you could sew onto the hats. If you’re good with topography, you could do that. I’d probably be using the Pfaff for that. I used to sew patches onto the back pockets of my jeans with a sewing machine… For jeans pockets, you’ve only got maybe 2" to work with at a time.

What kind of a machine do we have now? I’m guessing the babylock is gone as I did not see it last Wednesday.

If you don’t have the option for cylinder hooping a hat, I wouldn’t suggest embroidery directly to a hat. Instead, You should embroider to a patch blank and apply that to a hat either by stitching or heat press. Also, I’ve been embroidering velcro and using that as a patch for customers on hats. This is very popular with the hunting/military crowd.

Here is a link for patch blanks.


We have the old babylock (AFAIK) and the viking design se.

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In that case, patches are the best options. That style of embroidery machine is very limited. They offer hat hoops for them, but they are pretty useless.

This style messes up hats and flattens them in a way that distorts your embroidery. Plus, it only works for non constructed hats.

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@Nick is the expert here. We don’t have a hat hoop; plus neither of our machines can take a magnetic hoop. Patch is the best bet.

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Wow thanks everyone!!! I guess I’m looking at patches.