Embroidery Machine Help


I would like to Embroider a name on some items.
Is there anyone out there that can teach me how ? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



There are a couple of classes this Thursday.

Look on the calendar


for Babylock.


That’s not the correct Babylock. We now have more than one, the Zest is a standard sewing machine, not an embroidery machine.

If what your wanting is training on the Babylock embroidery machine then that’s probably me. The Embroidery Machine is training/sign off required. I’m leaning towards putting up a class for next Monday during the day, just waiting on confirmation that I’m free.

Edit: I submitted a class at lunch today for Monday at 4pm. :slight_smile:



Oops! :hushed:


I’m interested In Embroidery machine training as well.


How does this sound – y’all can be part of my first class. It will be longer than the classes given by @John_Marlow and @ladysandry. Part of the class will be me doing some practice work, and some of that can be practice for your project as well.

There are alphabets on the embroidery machine, and we can figure out how to make them work. I’ll bring lots of test/scrap fabric. Our hoop is 5x7, if that helps you out any.


Noooooooooooo! I missed it!


Soooooooo… when are you usually around?


I’ll be there Friday evening for certain.

What do you have in mind?


Actually, I’m probably more limited than you are. I’m thinking about putting a class up, so it’d have to be next week.

Looking at my work schedule, either Sunday at 6pm, or Monday 6:30 or 7pm. I’m timing Monday to allow folks with day jobs to come.

Friday nights are weird. I get off at 6pm, but if Capt is playing Pathfinder, it can be 8pm or so before I can get back to the Space.