Embroidery help


Didn’t see any classes posted for the embroidery machine. Would anyone be able to help me do a 2 x 4" embroidery on some nylon?


I know of at least two others that would be interested in a class, if one was scheduled.


Paging @ladysandry


I’m planning on putting up a class in the very near future. Trying to figure out a date


When you have the room all to yourself!


Welp, I’m dumb and miscounted days. I was going to put up a class today for next Wednesday but my sleepy self was counting by the days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday = 6), which is obviously not how that’s counted. So, sorry to those looking for a class next week, it will be delayed. Possibly the following week depending on work travel.



Class is up for Sunday