Embossing texture onto paper?

Short of using JSM’s rolling mill, do any of our tools enable embossing a texture into scrapbook card stock?

Etching press in Printmaking will do this.

Training is required before use…


When is the next training class on that? They added printmaking to my course load and I need to spend the next few months working curriculum (bonus is I can do more classes at DMS)

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PRINTMAKING TECHNIQUES - Laser Engraved Wood Plate

Thursday June 6, 7pm — 10pm

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Is there not a free class that’s tool training only? I have most of these materials already but it doesn’t allow a free registration

What kind of texture or pattern do you want to emboss?

I once experimented with embossing parallel lines onto cardstock using an embossing tool and the slot in a craft store paper cutter. The result was glued to a model rocket to simulate the corrugations or stringers used to stiffen actual launch vehicles. It looked good, but I would not want to make very many of them that way.

At the time, I had a friend who ran a company selling model rocket kits. He made his wraps by rolling cardstock between two delrin rollers cut with a laser.

I can think of a couple of other options:

1 ) There is a multi-ton press in Automotive which could probably be used for embossing as well. You’d need to provide your own plates, etc.

I don’t believe specific training is needed prior to use (*see note) - it is not listed on the Automotive Wiki or the Automotive Tools list so I can’t say for sure…

2 ) FWIW, John K was working on a home-grown embossing press a few months back which used a car bottle jack to provide the clamping pressure. You might talk to him about that.

*Note: If you joined DMS after 15 Sept 2018, taking Automotive 101 would be required before using ANY Automotive tools, etc.

p.s. Perhaps it should be added to the Automotive Wiki and/or the Wiki Tools Page for Automotive, especially if it turns out formal training is required.

You never explained exactly what you were wanting to do, but would this tool help?