Embedded Workshop for November 15th


I wanted to remind everyone that I have added a class under the title Embedded Workshop for November 15th to the calendar, and it’s open for registration.
This class is a deeper dive into the Arduino world using the ATmega328P and what happens in the background as you flash your chip. This class is for anyone who wants to take the next step in building your own PCB using the ATmega328P and using all the great Arduino libraries. I will run through how to use an ISP programmer to flash the microcontroller. A deep dive into AVRdude and how to change the clock speeds. I will have most everything needed to complete this class so please come join us.


I am bummed that I was unable to attend your class. I am hoping you will schedule another class for those of us who missed out.


Dana - You missed a good one. I would encourage you to go ahead and order the ebay programmer that is listed on the class announcement. I had intended to get one and had not really needed it. Also, at class Rusty sells a $10 populated Target Board of his design. You need one!

Rusty - Excellent class. There was so much info that I had intended to review at home… Count me in for the next time around.


Hi Brady,

Sorry for the slow response to the conversation. I have been really overloaded with work this last month but with holidays fast approaching I will have some free time. I plan to do the class once more. I am going to  break it down into 2 parts and go a little slower. That should enable the people attending to process and try to complete the tutorial. I think the class will be sometime in Jan. I will send out an email to you when I email the request to DMS.  I would like to do on a Wednesday. Not sure what nights you teach but do not want to interfere with your class.