Elegoo Mars needs maintenance

I used Elegoo Marsto print my parts only to find them with 2 holes as shown the attached picture. I believe they were caused by some damages in the tank’s FEP film that I found post mortem. This was the first time I actually use the machine and didn’t inspect the tank’s FEP film before using.

Anyway, it needs to be fixed.

Thanks for reporting this.

  1. Which Mars?

  2. Your pictures didn’t post.

  3. You should also get your green dot. We post this sort of thing in Issues & Requests, which is inside the firewall. The green dot will get you access to that, so you can also see if there is a similar (or identical) issue already reported or pending.

I used the smallest Elegoo Mars (closest to the workkstations)
Here is my picture.

Thanks. I don’t remember who sits where, but the smallest one is the Mars Pro.

Does the hole go vertically all the way through the part in that location? If not, then it’s possible that it was caused by crud (i.e., large particles) in the resin.

While this next step shouldn’t be necessary, remember that if you’re using community resin the last person may not have been adequately diligent about resin hygiene - or for that matter may not even know that they created lost particles. Frequently I filter the resin when I pour it into the vat, just in case.

If the hole goes all the way through, is the hole perfectly rectangular/square (as projected onto the angled face)? If so, it’s possible that part of the LCD array has burned out.

All holes are NOT through. I will use the strainer next time. Thanks

I was just about to post this, but I did not attempt to print anything. There is at least one prominent hole in the film.
There is quite a bit of replacement FEP. I can attempt to replace the film if there are no objections.

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It could also be from FEP film damage, but there could be more than one contributing factor.