Electronics Repair

Is there any electronics person that would be willing to do a (hopefully) quick soldering repair? (please see picture below).
If you are interested, please contact Tom at 915-497-3758. (We can bring the part to DMS). THANKS!

It might be able to be soldered back together but probably not structurally strong enough to last very long. Might be able to find the part on a donor board somewhere or even the one to the right on your board IF it is unused.

Thanks for the response, Lampy. Would you be interested in looking at this to see if it can be repaired? I can bring it to DMS when you are there. (The board is part of a jacuzzi control panel. I’m not sure if there are any spare terminals, but I can send a picture of the whole box if that helps.)

Is that a spade terminal soldered to the board? I’d imagine the broken base could be removed and a replacement made.

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Whose yer daddy?


Would take a quick minute to desolder and replace.

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Thanks to everyone for the input! I got the spade terminal, and had it soldered on at a local shop. When I retire (in a few months) I hope to join makerspace and learn a lot more about electronics!