Electronics donation?


So my father had two bins with the little drawers full of electronic stuff… mostly resistors and caps from what I can tell, but also a bunch of random IC’s pushbuttons, phone sockets, opto isolators and various other stuff.

As a packrat, he couldn’t bare to part with it, but my mother forced him to do something, so he’s wanting to leave it for someone at DMS… as we already have a full wall of this stuff, is anyone interested in taking a look at this stuff to see if anything can be done with it?

If not, what should I do with it? If nothing else, the storage drawers might be interesting to someone. Leaving the two boxes in the electronics room tonight and if anyone wants to claim them, please let me know, if not, I’ll remove them tomorrow and do with them whatever those in the know of these things suggests I do to pass them over the rainbow bridge.



Let’s see what @artg_dms says about them. If Electronics doesn’t want them, you can put them on the Exchange/Freebie shelf. That’s the one in the workshop as you come in the non-woodshop door from the front (next to Science). I try to give folks 2 weeks to take things before things have to leave.


If Art can’t use them for Electronics, you might reach out to The Lab ms in Plano. They’re really tiny and they might value a contribution like that.


And if neither of them want it, I can find homes for them with someone in the arcade community.


Sounds good to me! Just moved them out of the way and under the East wall desk.

I’ll be back Sunday and if they aren’t tagged or moved by anyone, I’ll move them to the donation shelf… sadly I’m out flying all week next week so won’t be able to do anything with them past Sunday.



I would be interested in looking through them for parts that might be useful for repair work in Vector. I will be out of town this weekend so if they are still around on Monday I will take a look at them.


Glad I looked. Tiny drawers always make me giddy. The possibilities!

Jewelry might enjoy them, too.


@Shawn_Christian, If you will take responsibility for moving them to the freebee shelf if you don’t want them, I’ll leave them be where they are until you take a look on Monday.


Shawn can leave them in Vector if he doesn’t want the cabinets and I’ll pick them up from there.