Edutainment Channels on YouTube

YouTube has a lot of good edutainment channels. Here are some samples from a few channels that I follow. These samples are from Smarter Every Day, Vsauce, The History Guy, Veritasium, Mustard, Wendover Productions, Kurzgesagt, CGP Grey, Real Engineering, Tom Scott, and Donut Media.

If you have suggestions to add to the list please share them. I’d like to see more edutainment stuff but it’s not always easy to find.


Not sure what qualifies as edutainment, so some of these channels might be a little short on the entertainment part hahaha

Great Scott! is a German dude who does electronics projects and has nice handwriting

EEVblog is one of the more well known channels, but worth mentioning. Aussie fella who’s voice can be grating at times, and the content is pretty dry, but TONS of good info.

Gamers Nexus is a channel that covers computer hardware and they’re not afraid to get technical, like REALLY nitty gritty stuff.

If GN is way over your head, Explaining Computers is a channel that, well explains computers, but in a way that any laymen should be able to follow.

Cody’s Lab is pretty popular and I would say definitely qualifies as edutainment, the production value isn’t great, but it’s fun watching Cody have fun.

The following channels are of questionable educational value…

The 8-bit guy

Possum lady

LGR - Retro gaming fun


Here’s a couple I frequent:


These are some of the channels I love:

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I really enjoy Mr.Pete222 or known as Tubalcain. He has great videos Ive watched most of them & even answered some of the things he wasn’t sure of what they were, He does reply too.


Here’s another good one from Smarter Every Day. They’re talking about saw kick back and an invention to detect and stop it. Pretty neat stuff if you’re into wood working or electronics.


Pretty damn smart.

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Compliant mechanisms? Crazy.

There are 3D files to print on their website.


Time to bring this thread back from the dead! Bored and itching for your “makery” fix?
Check out these links!


Destin is one of my favorite. In that vein:

Mark Rober:

Bob Clagett:

And of course, This Old House:

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I just watched mercury rolling down coin funnel…what has become of my life.

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