Education Committee Meeting & Election

@Team_Education, I am planning on setting up a calendar event for our elections post new board election. It appears the evening of the 18th (Saturday) is pretty wide open. Would @designcat be available to run the meeting? Note I am not running for chair, I am keeping my promise that I cannot take any chair positions while I am starting off my company.

I know we held an election back in February, and I would think many are still in agreement that @designcat has a clear plan and should be afforded the opportunity to implement it, now that expansion has its cert of occupancy.



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Threw up a calendar event for the 18th in interactive since the 102’s still show do not use, and purple was taken.

I really want us to continue with her plans, Several groups have suffered
from a lack of consistence leadership

Yes, I would like to continue, if at all possible. Thank you Doug for scheduling the meeting on the 18th.


Purely a question for @designcat What changes have you already implemented since becoming chair of education? What are your plans going forward?

Meeting held, I will be posting minutes and what not to the wiki as well, but for now, its here to: Nancee and John were our two candidates, and John won the overall count.
Congratz to @talkers for becoming our chairperson elect to be approved by the board.

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Name In Person
Doug Emes here
■■■■ Stacey here
Nancee Heim absent
Anne Gullett here
Kris Anderson absent
Michael Cramer absent
john a gorman here
Brady Pamplin here
Robyn Butler here
Mell Rhodes here
“Jo” Paden here
Mike Fedyk here
Jen Emes here
Ciarenn here
Peter Alexander here
Bill Gee here
Anita Willis here
Max Kirkland here
Steve Wynne proxy
Nathan Kirkland proxy
John Norine proxy
Richard Martin proxy
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Time Note
17:00 delay 10minutes
17:10 Pull Attendees (See tab)
17:15 ask Bill to provide a summary of whats going on
do we have a timeframe on the removing the approval for expansion rooms
question regarding the doors/keys/keypads
rental space for a room, etc
classroom facilities / conf room / wet classroom
17:22 Question regarding glass kiln microwaves
17:25 John brought up computer labs / 2 screen / adobe suites
split old ca room
17:27 “heat” problem in purple and orange
window film vs drop down shades vs foam insulation (ie pink panther XPS)
ceiling fans (defer to rich)
split unit air conditioning
17:35 Calender during Chair Vice Chair meeting
software inhouse versus commercial
side by side versus replacement from beginning
17:40 Introduction of candidates
17:41 John Gorman speech
chairs power strips tables screens etc
make sure its available
how do we develop teachers
17:46 Q&A
17:50 election
17:55 election results
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Vote Tally:
Abstain: 0
For Nancee: 2
For John: 20
Carried Proxy count: 4

I will work on the wiki edit later tonight, but the values are here in the talk thread.

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Wiki edited to include members, will update the actual minutes and votes into the wiki still, thanks for @AndrewLeCody for getting the visual editor working again, and for teaching the MediaWiki class,
where I learned how to manually create the tables.


and its done published on the wiki, gnight 'Murica