Education Committee Meeting and Chair Election 7 PM Wed Feb 27, 2019


Wednesday, February 27, 7 PM in the Lecture Hall.

We need to elect a chair to finish up the current term into May and to plan for the expansion.

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Title: Education Committee Meeting and Char Election 7 PM Wed Feb 27, 2019

I assume you meant broiled as in char broiled… didn’t know education was that much of a hot topic



We could have the meeting over BBQ…



Actually that sounds good as long as we don’t elect dinner

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We could have BBQ pot luck

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I see from the February BOD meeting that we have over $4600 in our committee balance. This is great news. It is much more than I expected and it will greatly help with the new classrooms.

Elect a chair.

This person will serve out the rest of the current term into May and will probably be encouraged to run for a full term then.

I am willing to serve as vice-chair with the understanding that I will probably not be able to spend much time there for another month or so, at least compared to the Good Old Days™. I will try my best to help with some of the moving work related to the expansion.

The path forward.

Our main challenge in the upcoming months is opening up new rooms quickly while maintaining the usability of our current classrooms as much as possible.

Now that it has been delayed, can we afford to give or loan part of our balance to the expansion?

We are in a bit of a Catch-22 situation. Without the expansion, we can spare the money; with expansion, we need it.

Suite #102 lobby classroom.

This will be the first new room available to us.

Is west the best side for the “front?” That appears to be the case from the pictures posted. Considering the western exposure of the building and the fact that “prime time” is the late afternoon and evening, glare from the window is less likely to present a problem on that wall. Possibly make the south wall the front, similar to what we did with the Interactive Classroom?

The room can be made usable for some classes and events by merely moving in tables and chairs.

Do we need one or two monitors or a projector? Was a less expensive option for a projector found? We do not have the funds for another one like in the Lecture Hall and the BOD will unlikely appropriate money for one. The easiest way to go is to borrow one of the big monitors out of the Interactive Classroom for the time being.

Should we consider naming it after Epson in return for the donation of a projector and a screen? Some other vendor? Is it too late to consider something like this?

How many tables do we need? Are the narrow 18" wide tables good enough or should we also have some regular size ones too?

Do we need some kind of light blocking treatment for the window such as drapes?

We should consider a reflective coating while we are at it.

Chris Marlow brought up a great point: we should consider prohibiting messy activities in this room so that the carpet may stay nice longer.

The classroom formerly known as The Galley.

We will be coordinating with Logistics to move the personal storage shelves and bins to the new common area. This will be a big chore since everything will have to go down one ramp and up the other in back

It is unknown about the refrigerator; there has been some discussion about keeping it there and food-safe. Do we even want that headache?

Nothing is known about Parks Pantry. Are we keeping them? If so, can we move them into the new Galley or will they do it?

Move the spare 60" monitor from the Interactive Classroom.

Move tables and chairs from the Interactive Classroom. The tables should be water-resistant. We have some plastic ones which do not currently get much use.

The Computer Lab formerly known as 3D Fab.

Move the 50" monitor from the crash cart in the Conference Room.

We should definitely consider buying new wider tables as the current 18" wide ones are somewhat easy to accidentally tip over.

This is as good a time as any to apply a reflective window coating along with the Purple Classroom.

We will work with the Infrastructure Committee to move the three “design” computers and acquire up to three more.

If we cannot afford any more computers, having some tables with HDMI monitors, keyboards and mice will still be useful for people taking classes on or just using something like the Raspberry Pi.

Because this room has great value for members designing projects, do we want to consider the following restrictions:

  • No reservations for private events
  • Only classes which specifically need the special software installed on these computers may reserve the room

Interactive Classroom.

We should help prepare for construction as best as we can.

Remove the monitors from the room to prevent damage to them.

Remove items from along the east wall and the one shared with the Annex.

“Loan” furniture and monitor(s) to other classrooms until after the construction is complete, then buy new to replace them?

We likely have plenty of chairs to go around.

Tables not so much as we barely have enough now for more demanding classes and events.

Planning ahead.

We have no indication when #102 will be open. Do we want to approve spending authority now to buy furniture for the new classrooms so that we are ready?

Longer term.

Next meeting

Is Wednesday good for everyone? Can we agree to set the date of our committee meetings to be the second Wednesday of each month? That avoids all major holidays as far as I am aware.

What do we want to do with the current Creative Arts room?

Continue calendar improvements.

Develop and teach classes on effective use of the calendar system.

I’ll take this one since I have already started. Plus as honorarium auditor and calendar, I have access and experience.

Teacher development.

Curriculum development.


OpenCast or other video recording and streaming.

Anything else?



My thoughts to start with

We need to make our money go as far as possible, and that does looking for corporate donations for things
like the projector system and the computers for the computer lab

I want to address the windows in 3D Purples and the new lobby classroom

We have talked about this issue for a while If I remember correctly we
can use the darkening film on the window but not the reflective film
While that will help, I would like to explore getting heat reflective drapes for those windows
We would need to check with the fire Marshall about them With a cornice board on the top
and them overlapping we can use them to created a dead air space

I agree that the Lobby classroom be restated to non messy classes

wider table are needed for the computer lab

Galley classroom

First we need to see what folks need in it, I know that fiber arts is interested in wet felting and dying
We have had so food related classes that might find a small fridge useful Send the large one to the new Galley and they look for a small dorm type fridge at the send of school

The white folding tables are a good idea We might want to explore finding hard surface chairs for it Maybe use some of the current Common Room chains if they are not being moved and CA doesnt want them

I agree that Interactive needs to be stripped before construction

I have an idea for the current CA room We will have several classrooms for several lecture and larger areas
We lack area for smaller on hands classes

Make a room divider in 3 pieces that can be moved if need divide it up into Room A and room B
A would the far side without a door and B would have a door Classes in them would neet ot have staggered start time of at least 30 min to reduce the walk thru

Folks teaching classes in the woorkshop have to deal with lots of walk thoughts
and think about Laser and all the folks and items and such and they still hold classes

what would be wonderful is for there to be a simple camera system that dould project
wat the teacher was doing on a monitor

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I’m going to nominate one of the red chairs




Sorry if this is stated somewhere else and I’m overlooking it. I know @Bill said he’s willing to serve as vice chair but is anyone running for chair yet?

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Not officially.



How about unofficially?



One person is considering it…



that is not much of a campaign. Who is considering?



I prefer to let people speak on their own behalf unless requested to do otherwise.



What Bill is saying is that he doesn’t want people speaking for other people unless they want them to speak for other people.


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I do not care what other people do, I will not do that.

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sigh … joke failed




Must not have been a very good one… :tongue:

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No … no … it wasn’t apparently lol … I was trying to speak for you which is ironic because of what you were talking about … someone asking you to speak for someone else … oh well, try again another day …