Easy to use 2d drawing program for laser

Is there one? Just need to cut simple geometric shapes. Nothing fancy.



And some extra letters to satisfy Talk

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RD works has rudimentary drawing. If all you need is geometric shapes you can probably just do it right there from the cut software.

I would agree Inkscape would be a good way to go. It’s free as well so that’s a plus. I’ll be up there on Saturday if you’re available Bones and I can walk you through whatever you need.

Ive used Fusion 360 for it as well. That’s how I traced the logo for the plasma cutter from our emblem. Ive imported the files from Fusion into RDworks.

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As reminder, if you’re going RDWorks with the Thunders, you need to save your Inscape drawing as a .DXF file in order to import it into RDWorks. If you have an .SVG source file, Lightburn will import .SVG and .DXF files. Lightburn was working on all the Thunder computers last I checked (Wed, 8/28).

I usually open my svg in Illustrator and save an ai version.


Another option is tinkercad.com. it’s free. Though it’s primarily for 3d printing, you can export 2d svgs. Lots of geometric shapes to choose from


Good point, as RDWords imports .AI files. Not sure about Lightburn.

I’d do something that simple in PowerPoint or Word, then right-click the object and select “save as picture.”

You can change the file type in Windows by finding the file name on your computer. Then right click it, choose “rename,” and change the file extension after the dot in the file name.

I forgot what file type works on laser, but I know you can change your file type by this method to .png .jpg. .gif and some other things.

Thanks for the help everyone. Hello with inkscape would be great. Sent pm.

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if you plan on doing common logos / shapes you might even find a free font online that will contain the graphics you want. “type” the “letter” in inkscape and save as svg.

just a cool roundabout protip i’ve learned

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