Eagerly awaiting a report on the Steamroller Printing event?


I’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear about the big day!
And, as selfish as it is, I wanna see pictures too.
Pretty please? With glossy white printer’s ink on top??


Paging @Team_Printmaking


Was a lot of fun, first time we’ve attended, here are a couple of pics.


Thanks for sharing!


I think that’s all of the prints.


Thank you! Thank you!
Next time this comes up, I am sooooo in! I’ve drooled over the concept since I first saw info about Clampitt Paper hosting fine arts students at the ETSU program in the old Titches/Joske’s department store building for same.


Matt…How many do you expect to hang at DMS later?
@Team_PR…this is your next exhibition. Think about how to hang it.


4-6. We’ll need 3 vertical supports each, with two of those clips per bar as we discussed.




Photobomb for the win! :sunglasses:


I know I love it!