Dynatorch Teacher

I have done the CNC/Dynatorch training and I was wondering what it would take to become a teacher for this machine.

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How long has it been since you took the class? If it’s been a while then you’ll want to sit-in on one to refresh the teaching style or get with me/one of the other teachers first to review the format.

lemme know when you want to throw a class up and myself or one of the other teachers will shadow it. After they/me gives the thumbs up can teach at will.

Also you need to login to your G Suite if you haven’t already, and I’ll add you to the committee drive. The official metal shop docs, including the teaching materials, live there so that way if any corrections / changes are made that’s where the living copy is. I update the share drive contents with them every so often.

Once you’re teaching I can add you to the @Team_CNC_Plasma_Inst list (who I’m also tagging to see who is available to shadow)



It has been awhile since I’ve had the training. I am available most evenings and pretty much all day on Friday and Sunday.