Dynatorch Now Requires AD Logins! - Users Please Read

Dynatorch got us the software back that doesn’t fail when using AD logins.

As such, the machine has been switched over. The credential for the ‘.\dynatorch’ user has been revoked and is not to be used outside the committee.

Instructions are written on the computer monitor.

In short,

you will login with your DMS username and password, as you would on any other DMS computer. If you get denied for anything other than an incorrect username and password, please reach out to your instructor and Infrastructure to check if you have the appropriate rights installed, as some instructors do not check the calendar settings properly.

After logging in with your username and password, there is a program called “RunAs Tools” on the Desktop. Open this and it will contain the Dynatorch and SheetCam software. Proceed to use as normal.



When did this go on line??

Yesterday evening.

Yesterday, during the committee meeting and cleanup day. We had been waiting for a software fix from Dynatorch

For those of us that took the training on the old machine, what is required to get access on the Dynatorch ?

I think we have to take the new class, but I’m not certain. FWIW, there is a class on April 21 that still has 2 spaces available.


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signed up. A refresher won’t hurt, required or not.



To clarify for everyone else, the new class is required. The Dynatorch is nothing like the old plasmacam.


My username/password is not working :confused:

You’re not listed in the Dynatorch group.

I’m away from my admin creds right now, but someone in @Team_Infrastructure can look into it.


Is there a way to access member files to import file into sheetcam

Yes, on any DMS machine enter ‘\\files’ in the file path of the windows explorer window

That would be \\files

ugh, that always catches me in Discourse (for those who don’t know, when there are two ‘\’ characters in a row one is treated as an escape character and won’t render, so you have to put 3 of them)

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I tried to login to the Dynatorch and wasn’t able to. Can you check if my name is on the list. Haven’t logged on since the software update.

Will need your DMS username to check, but if you’re not in the group will have to contact the instructor for your class

He has the old plasma creds

If he doesn’t have the current group we need the class and instructor info.

Andrew Spencer (Jast) was my instructor October 2018. Do you need anything else from me?

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