Dynatorch issue


outstanding!! thank you.


The same fine tip consumables should work except for the deflector shield, right?


No, you need the 220948 deflector shield.


That explains it. I got the deflector shield listed on the wiki (220955). I’ll plan on picking up the correct shield tomorrow. In the meantime, do we happen to have a 220948 at the space that I could use?


Is there anyone around the space today with an ohmic, fine-cut deflector shield? I went back to Metroplex Welding to get 220948, but they are sold out at the moment. I have the other fine-cut consumables, but need the correct shield.

Edit: The local Airgas doesn’t have it in stock either.


I will be there in about 15-20 minutes and can get you one to use


Different swirl ring too.


I had to change my plans for Tuesday, and didn’t make there. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know.