Dynatorch class

I would like to attend the next Dynatorch Plasma Cutter class.
When I see it on the schedule it is already full. Can I get a heads-up on the next class?
Tommy @tomthm, do you feel like doing another one soon?


I’m only in town once a month, so my next class won’t be until January.

Would I be able to teach classes on the Dynatorch?

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We can get you setup for that; we actually have another instructor that’s going to be starting soon as well. Get with @procterc since he’s observing the new instructor’s class. Sit in on one for a refresher on how the class is taught, and we’ll get it setup with something similar for your first class.


What Jim said below. I’m not back in town until the first of January, but if can I help in any away, please let me know.


I will sit an watch how you teach in your next class. Okay?

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You bet. I will get my next class scheduled, most likely for Jan 5.

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I want to take the class too, when will the next one be available ?