Dynatorch and Welding

Hey all @Team_Metal_Shop

I’ve got my Hot Process Safety done but I would like to do Dynatorch and TIG training. I know there’s a TIG class coming up, but it’s full and I’ll be out of town :confused:

I know these classes are in high demand, but is there any chance someone would be willing to meet me some time and go over either of these or add more classes to the calendar?

I work from home, so even a day time is good with me ( unless I have a meeting or something ). I have some welding experience ( flux core and stick ) and have been familiarizing myself with the principles of TIG for quite a while ( been watching/learning a lot on weld.com and TFS ). So I’m not necessarily looking for someone to teach me how to weld, just need to get the particulars of running the equipment so I can start practicing lines and welds.

I also have some drawings in fusion 360 or inkscape ( exhaust flanges and block-off plates ) I want to try cutting on the dynatorch. Seems like the process is much like any of the laser/cnc processes, which I am also familiar with.


Hey, @jast! Could we add @Llenclyen to Team Metal Shop? He’s the current Dynatorch teacher, and he’s not on that list.

Meanwhile – Seth: most of the teachers put up one class at a time, and our Calendar is goofy about multiple-date-classes. I have found if I’ve got multiple instances of a class available, it messes with attendance. There will be more classes. Just be patient.

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thanks @dryad2b . I’ll keep an eye on the calendar for sure.

Just trying to get trained for all the things, so I can get my projects done :slight_smile:

Ive added @Llenclyen to the list of Metal Shop Group & Metal Shop Teachers group


I’d be more than willing to find the time to sit down and get you set up to do some practice on your own. As one of the main teachers in the metal shop I can show you how to set up the machine properly and run a few practice with you

Thanks Atlas. I’ll plan to be up there this evening doing a 3d print if you just happen to be around.

Sorry, I won’t be able to do that today. But if you have room to schedule it sometime before Saturday that works for me.

I would also really like to take the Dynatorch class. I also have some projects I need to work on.

I’m guessing that our normal Dynatorch teacher is up to his eyeballs in something else. Something will show up eventually!

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and @Andrew_Palmer

Now up – sign up quick if you haven’t already!