Dyeing a Cutting Board Grey?

This question caught me a bit by surprise and I was stumped. I turned to Google to no avail, so I’m wondering if someone here might be able to help. I’m making a cutting board for a person with a very grey decorative scheme in her kitchen. When she saw this demo that I made, she was wondering if there was any way to stain it a grey tone. I’ve never thought about trying to artificially change the color of an end-grain cutting board, and I’m not sure that I’m totally a fan of the idea, but I don’t even know how I would do it, or if it is even possible. I know that most stains aren’t food safe, which is among the reasons I just oil the boards. Does anyone have any ideas for how this might be done?

Rubio Monocoat is food safe finish and they have a few grey toned colors in their line. But I cannot say for sure that the combination is food safe. You would need to contact them to be sure.

You could just tell her that it can’t be done and still be food-safe. I’d suggest that she stick with granite cutting boards, if she’s that stuck on grey.

If you make it out of black walnut, and bleach it, that ends up being sort of grayish. I recommend testing out on a few pieces first, to see if it’s something like the right color

Here us a video on staining cutting boards with food safe food dyes… he mentions a grey color