Dye Sublimation Supplies


I thoroughly enjoyed @CaryF300 Cary’s class on dye-sublimation. I immediately went to a number of websites, including those recommended by Cary, to buy some sublimation substrates aka mouse pads, cups, shirts, coasters, name tags etc.
As Cary mentioned in class some require a taxid and all require you to buy a minimum number. For instance one has cups like those we used in class for about $45 but you have to buy the case of 36.

I will not likely sublimate 36 cups anytime soon so I wondered what everyone thought about building “substrate started kits” or a substrate inventory for those wanting to pursue this cool hobby further? As an example, I suggest buying a quantity of substrates which could be used to make up a sample kit of two or three cups, two shirts, a half dozen coasters, two or three mouse pads etc in the kit.

Alternatively, I’d be interested in splitting the costs of an order with other DMS members. Cary can you perhaps help us with an order? Maybe you could contact past students and we could all go in together to put a large order together.



Great idea. I do know that Nicole (@uglyknees) has toyed with the idea of buying a case of mugs to have available for individuals to buy.

I don’t mind being the “buyer” for a large order from somewhere like JDS Industries, where I already have an account. Let me see if I can find a downloadable catalog of their sublimation blanks. We can definitely do a group buy kind of deal.


I’m in for a group buy. Mugs and shirts for sure.


@CaryF300 for items like ceramic mugs, do they require a special coating or will any white ceramic mug work?


@CaryF300 I’ll order two xxl shirts, 6 cups, 6 mouse pads, 6 coasters and 9 ceramic tiles (3x3 or 4x4) matte or glossy if you’ll let me know how much they cost. I think that should be enough for a “starter” kit. It is essentially the same as the class kit plus some ceramic tiles.


They have to be coated.


A group order would be great! I would love to pitch in. Let me figure out what all I need.


I’m all for a group order. Im kinda on the fence about storing stuff at Dms for “sale”. Let’s talk it over on the 27th and come up with a consensus.


Mostly things like shirts. Mugs I think are an easy storage and sale thing but something like tshirts is a bit harder to deal with.


Shirts are styles, colors, and sizes.

The mugs can be bought in mixed color case as I recall.

I’ll go in for 5 mugs, who else and quantity? Would prefer white but willing to go mixed. Can probably get 36 sold then we can order. Some on hand as class supplies maybe.


I would take 12 coasters and 8 mugs if we do a group order :slight_smile:


Ok @CaryF300 and I have spoken about it and he is going to facilitate orders of blanks outside of DMS. I REALLY appreciate him taking this off my plate.

That being said my concerns are storage in the CA room - my suggestion is for everyone to pay a bit extra to get a tub in the storage area and have orders delivered in that tub once a month or as Cary decides it to be. I don’t want CA to become a storage area to be honest we are getting tight in the knickers. I’m open to suggestions but in my mind this works best.

I also believe it best policy that people pay for the items before he orders them as he doesn’t need to have extra product on hand.
All this is up to you guys individually and I hope it’s something that runs smoothly for you. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!


I would like to purchase the items from Cary and then take them home with me. I have no need to store them at DMS. If you wanted to keep an inventory at DMS for purchase that would necessitate storage, but otherwise I’d like to purchase them and pick them up from Cary anytime he suggests.

I’m also happy to pay for them before he purchases them if he can give me a quote/price ahead of time. This is the way Lampy does the Adafruit orders.

I, too, am very grateful that Cary is willing to do this.


I’m of the same mind of coloneldan. No need to store them. If Cary is willing to facilitate a group purchase I would be happy to pay and pick them up when ready. Thanks!


I meant that tub would be the drop/pickup point. Anyway you do it in good with it. I was just trying to suggest a way that it would be easy for everyone.
I’m just happy it’s not on my plate.


I think a tub to facilitate the transfer could be useful for times when I can’t meet someone at the space.

I am going to try to pull together an order over the next two weeks, but I’ve run into a couple of snags. I usually go pick-up products on my lunch hour from my day job. Yesterday our parent company got bought, and execs from our new parent company are in town all of this week. Next week my new boss, who was hired before this weeks events, is in town for me to train him. It may be the 22nd before I can pick-up an order. I’ll put together a spreadsheet of everything that people have asked for tonight, and post a link.


Perhaps I misunderstood the “tub” idea. Regardless, Cary I’ll work with you on whatever you want to do. As far as the timing, I’m ok with the 22nd if that is what works for you. I’ll be out the last week in Sept and first week in October though. [quote=“coloneldan, post:5, topic:11311, full:true”]
@CaryF300 I’ll order two xxl shirts, 6 cups, 6 mouse pads, 6 coasters and 9 ceramic tiles (3x3 or 4x4) matte or glossy if you’ll let me know how much they cost. I think that should be enough for a “starter” kit. It is essentially the same as the class kit plus some ceramic tiles.

I can also be flexible on thw quantity to make the order work. I’m just interested in having a sample set to practice with and possibly make a few presents for people, too. My wife loved the mouse pad and I’m sure her mom would love one, too.


I’d buy stainless steel travel mugs or even ceramic travel cups. Count me in!


Cary - when I was finally able to get into a class, I signed up but if you remember, my signup didn’t work because it wasn’t done on the “correct” platform, so when I showed up I didn’t really have a spot. Haven’t been able to get into a class since. You said that you could just do a coffee mug for me until I get into a class. Can you please do a coffee mug or two for me? I have the design ready. Thanks