Dye sublimation class request


Any chance someone is going to be hosting a Dye Sub class sometime soon?

I have been keeping an eye out, but I have not seen any posted.

Thank you!!

New Dye Sub Printer
[Printer Replaced] - Dye sub printer down

I know my schedule has been crazy lately, and I haven’t been able to do a class. I’m not sure when my next free time is. I’ll PM you some options.


I’m going to need to take that class soon as well. And I have another person who was wanting to do a shirt best made with dye sub


Ditto. (and more characters…)


I’m in! I’ll bring you cookies if you tell me what you like!


I’m looking at my schedule now. I’ll post something today. Look for it on the calendar in 3 days.


I’ve added a class on July 10th, at 7pm. It should show up in 72 hours.


Hello, i’m a newbie to DMS. I really wanted to sign for this class but it saids that there are no more spaces. If someone cancels their rsvp, is there a away that I can be on the waitlist?


There’s no wait-list ability in the calendar at the moment. Maybe that can be something added down the road. There’s a thread going of calendar enhancement requests so you might hop over there and add it to the list if you wish. It’s a work in progress, and volunteer, as you know.

That being said, when a class you’re interested in is full, you can check regularly and pounce if there’s a cancelation. I’ve found that up close to a class when folks’ scheduled might have changed is a good time.

The other option is to be at space and hangout near there before start of class, “fly standby” and there’s every chance there’s a no-show and you can step in. Let the instructor know you’re interested in that when you’re waiting. I’ve had good luck several times with this. Have a Plan B if that doesn’t work out. Plenty of other things to do :slight_smile:


Yar I missed out as well


thanks for the tip :+1:


Lol, I feel both your pain on the missed class sign up too, btw. Ironically I’ve just recently figured out a flimsy excuse for a project and now want to learn it. Sigh. I’ll have to catch the next one too.

On the good side, obviously there’s interest for when the next one is scheduled :stuck_out_tongue:


We have a new Dye Sublimation printer to replace the older, smaller one that stopped working over a month ago; and, we are ready to resume Dye Sub 101 training now!


In addition to the two classes that Cary has submitted, I have submitted one for Sunday, August 27th at 7:00 PM. It should show up on the calendar in about 72 hours. We will monitor this thread and add additional classes, if needed, to help with any backlog that may remain after these three classes are held. :smiley:


There is one opening for tonight’s Dye Sub 101 class, and one opening for the class on Saturday.


Man I’m sorry to do this, but I just had a scheduling issue come up for this evening. I will not be able to make the Dye Sub class tonight either. Being the day of, I can’t unregister now, but if someone would like my spot, it’s open.

Really sorry @CaryF300


No problem. We can try to coordinate our schedules and I can do one-on-one training for you.


Dye Sub 101 - BYOS (Bring your own shirt) MIDNIGHT MAKERS
Sunday, September 10th from 10:30 PM to 1:30 PM


New Class: Personalizing Shirts, Hats, Mugs & More - 2nd Class Coming
**TONIGHT** Dye Sub 101 **MIDNIGHT MAKERS** 10:30P-1:30A

Thanks, Lisa, I’ll be watching.


I’ve just added a 7pm class on Friday, September 29th, and a 2pm class on the 30th. They should show up in 72 hours.