Dye sub saturation question

We bought an SG800 for home - using the new print driver (VPM) for the printer from Sawgrass. The blacks don’t seem as solid/saturated as the ones from the printer at the DMS using the powerdriver. Any thoughts? New software? Special settings at DMS? New printer? Same graphic image - have played with several settings - but can’t seem to get it to darken it up.

I’ve never used the Virtuoso Print Manager with my Sawgrass printers. I’d suggest contacting Sawgrass tech support. Let them know that you are comparing the quality of the image produced using PowerDriver v4 against the image produced by the VPM. They may be able to get you the PowerDriver download, or they may have other suggestions.


Thanks - I will contact them see if others have said the same things

Sawgrass is usually at The NBM Show. If you are going to that this week, you could talk to a rep there about what you are experiencing.


We are out of town 28-29 - see if we have time Saturday maybe