Dye Sub Mugs Machine?

What is currently the right machine to use for mugs? Is it the JTrans 8-in-1, or is it the Vac-U-Press? Thanks.

Edit: For clarification, I’m talking about “standard” cylindrical mugs.

The Vac-U-Press. The wraps are in the drawers below the 16x20 flat press.


Hmmm. OK. I don’t know how to use that one. Thanks.

I’ll be there tonight teaching dye sub, and we will be using the 3D press to decorate mugs. If you will be around you can come by and get a quick tutorial. I should be there by 6pm.

The 8-in-1 works, but the pressure can be inconsistent because of the bent bolt.


Are you planning to be at the makerspace anytime in the next 2 weeks? I need to get my stuff done and would love some help to make sure I get my slate coasters and wine tumbler done correctly.

Wish I had seen this 3 days ago! LOL

Nothing planned. I can be there after work on the 28th, or possibly on the 31st. Do you have a wrap for your wine tumblers.

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I can come the 28th after work. Just let me know what time and I’ll be there.

This is the wine tumbler I got. I don’t have a wrap specifically for it. Does DMS not have one that will work? The picture I’m using is only like 3”x3”. Should I go pick up some shrink sleeves from Johnson Plastics?

We have wraps for 11 oz. straight-sided coffee mugs, 15 oz. straight-sided coffee mugs, and 20 oz. straight-sided coffee mugs. I’ve never decorated the tumblers that you are trying to decorate, but none of our wraps will work well for anything with a taper; you won’t get even pressure. I’ve also never used the shrink sleeves that Johnson Plastic sells, so I can’t comment on them.

Following, would love to come watch you do the wine tumblers, want to do some of those sometime myself. My friend bought some of the shrink sleeves for future attempts to try wine tumblers and such. I think it requires a heat gun, which I have somewhere if you want to use it.


I can be there at about 6pm, and stay until about 7-7:30. I’ve got several projects that I have to get home to complete Monday night.

So I woke up this morning very sick and with a fever. I don’t want to get you or anyone at the makerspace sick. Maybe we can do it if you’re free sometime next week. I just don’t want to pass my germs like someone passed them to me. :mask:

Ok, then I’ll plan to be there on Nov 4th for a couple of hours, instead of tonight.

Edit: I will still swing by tonight to run a nozzle check on the printer.

I’m starting to recover and finally able to leave the house, so 11/4 will definitely work. I’ll still have a residual cough, but I will no longer be sick. Yay! Thanks for being flexible!!!

Can you ask your friend if they are willing to sell me 1-2 of the wraps? I’m having a hard time finding any locally. I don’t mind buying 1-2 of them from your friend if they’re willing. Right now, it looks like we’ll be meeting 11/4 to do it. If I can’t find a wrap for the tumbler, I’ll probably have to postpone that one until I can get a wrap.