Dye Sub 101 Class

Hi - I just joined DMS and am wanting to learn to use the dye sub tools. I don’t see the class on the calendar. Any idea on when the next one will be?

Paging @CaryF300

or @Lordrook. @talkers … did you also teach Dye Sub?

I’ll try to get one onto the calendar this month. Schedule has been really full.


Absolutely willing to pay for a private class. Any DMS (certified to teach) Creative Arts available?

@CaryF300 @Lordrook

I completely didn’t realize I’d already summoned Cary and Steve. Sorry guys!

Just don’t summon them a third time. That’s when everything goes crazy! #Beetlegeuse

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No worries. I know Cary is super busy and have already begun speaking to Michael about a one on one. @angwalk22 is welcome to come along as well, PM me for details Angie. Payment isn’t necessary, but if a bottle of Jack or some Starbucks showed up I wouldn’t complain.

Hi! Just let me know when and I’ll be there!