Dust collection hose for Multicam

I just changed the hose from the Multicam dust shoe to the dust collector.

Guess what I found wedged in this elbow up by the ceiling:

I suspected there was a problem somewhere because the vacuum capability seemed degraded. Didn’t expect to find this:

Watch what you let the hose cozy up to! Just saying. :wink:


Look on the bright side Bert - the suction is working well!


Was working well and is once more! :grinning:

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I swear someone asked me the other day where to find tape measures, I’ll add the cnc exhaust system to my list of hiding holes.


Hey all, wood shop members present at the time were concerned Bert was going to jump out of frustration after finding this. We all need to be be concerned about the larger consequences of our actions. Several members talked him down safely.

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HaHaHa … very funny!

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I don’t know whether to be horrified or impressed. :slight_smile:


Between the new dust shoe and the work to keep the collector from overfilling … dust has a headwind to overcome now!

Maybe they were trying to measure the vacuum… :drum: