Dueling Tree build


Whats up Hatchers Armors,

I bought some AR500 paddles and plan to fab up a Dueling Tree in the metal shop. Figured I’d throw it out there if anyone was interested we could coordinate a time, perhaps Sunday afternoon before the committee meeting, who knows. If anyone is interested let me know, if not I’ll just do it when I do it.

Hey Jim @hon1nbo I was checking the metal shop looking for the chop saw that used to be in there on the right as you walked in. Is that no longer available, and the only alternative the other cut saw over near automotive area? Or did I miss it? I’ll need to make some cuts for the stand when I do this.

Thanks everyone.



We made a decision not to replace the chop saw. After 2-3 months you seem to be only the 3rd person who has asked.
It made a mess of the air quality, people constantly ruined the blade not knowing how to use it, and people even took parts off of it and created a safety hazard. Making it training required means that users might as well use the far better Cold Cut Saw in Machine Shop and take the training for it. It’s a far better cut anyway.



Thanks Jim, I’ll keep an eye out for the training on the cold cut saw.


It’s generally done as a spot train when someone asks. I can give you the training tonight if you’re around. It takes about 5-10 minutes depending on if other people join in.


Thanks! I am unsure if I can make it there tonight, but next time I’m there and see you I’ll see if you’re free. Appreciate it.


Blacksmithing would like the stand it was on then, we will buy a chop saw once we have our own space. With out one the only way to cut hard steel is with an angle grinder. And I really don’t want to see that good stand go in the trash


He had some ideas for it, and with expansion may bring back an option.
The last diamond blade lasted three days before being bent out of whack.
Ate through about 4-5 ablatives / week, including some near incidents due
to users not knowing how to use them.

We thought about making a scientific powder coating style booth from it, or
getting a different kind of cutter for there. We can talk about it more


Alright sounds good