DTMF-Tone Controlled Claymore Roomba!

hardware used in demo:



Working on getting source up on github.com/denzuko-archive/glytchtech.dtfmcontroller

Extra reading

Do we really need DIY remote controlled bomb lessons?

DTMF touch tone analog parts.
National Semiconductor (TI), Harris Semi (?), Microsemi
Old school w/ digital twist…

@Nick can fill in the missing details!

Did you even watch the video? it wasn’t about bombs, it was about audio controlled inputs via DTMF tones. Which can be transmitted by ham radio or in the video’s implementation google voice.

Don’t know about you but being able to control Scada/IoT hardware via google voice, asterisks pbx, or a White or Red box is actually kind of cool. Afterall what else are phone phreakers going to do these days?

Or lets think of it this way…

Say I have the following hardware setup:

Then connecting in via a softphone I’m able to control a BBS like mystic when all lines are in use, then I can either free up a line, control things when there is no internet access or external power is just a plus.

Watch it? the part where the fake claymore was detonated, or where the nerf darts are fired in rapid succession at a supposed innocent victim?

Again do we really need how to videos like this?