Drum Sander Wrap Replacement

I was in the shop the other day and saw the drum sander wasn’t operational. I was going to buy some belts for my use but wasn’t sure how to go about attaching it. Should I just watch a YouTube video or is there a specific process we should follow at DMS? I don’t think we went over this in basics

When you say “belts”, I’m assuming you mean sandpaper.

The Tools section of the wiki links to the “how to including change sandpaper”.

If you look through that tools section, you will note that many of the tools have links to manuals, parts lists, etc.


You can order replacement belts from Amazon or pick them up from Woodcraft in different grits. Just want to make sure you get the right ones for the Powermatic PM2244.

You can get the manual for the sander easily online, and it will have instructions on how to mount the belts. It will take multiple trys to install them properly, it’s a bit tricky to get it right the first few times you do it. One thing to be aware of is to keep the ends of the wire from the spring clamps off of the belt itself, as they create a stress point that causes the belt to tear.

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I order rolls for the shop from toolnut. The spares are in the bin in the annex labeled drum sander. If you’re looking for your own toolnut has been the most reliable/ fastest for the cost I’ve found.

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We’re currently out of wraps in the bin but it doesn’t really matter as I belive the machine isn’t gonna need them for a while