Drum sander needed

I am new to the group and have about 40 boards that I need to sand. A few are 12ft long. Will it accommodate that length based on its location. Also If I were going to bring in my own sand paper for it would I need a 3in wide roll.


The wiki has a listing of woodshop tools. There is a drum sander - a Powermatic PM2244. Note that training is required to use woodshop tools.

I looked at the class schedule and did not see Basic safety etc classes available. Is there something I’m overlooking

Well, we probably should get somebody from @Team_Woodshop for that question. The wiki says you need Woodshop 3, but all the numbered woodshop classes have been replaced by Woodshop Basics. I notice that they’ve put the manual out there to read, plus a “how to load sandpaper”. I clicked on the woodshop tools link in Erik’s reply, and scrolled down to the drum sander. The manual and video might be useful while we’re waiting for a Woodshop reply.

So is there any way to kind of expedite the process. I have a project deadline I’m trying to meet and my options are buy a drum sander, sand 40+ boards with a hand sander or become a member. I’m all about being a member. I would be willing to pay one of the instructors for a 1x1 class in order to expedite things so I don’t need to buy a drum sander. Any suggestions would be great.

since we are an all volunteer organization, the classes are put up as the teachers have time to do it.
there’s not really a way to expedite unless a trainer has time to do a 1 on 1 with you. if you have a really tight deadline you should probably buy the tool for yourself since we have no guarantee of uptime or repairs (those are all volunteer too)

Thanks for the explanation and ideas. I’m buying one as a backup but would prefer to return it due to lack of need. I understand the volunteer component and as such I’d pay $150 for the time to do my training. If I’m unlucky and the machine is down I have a back up plan but at least at that point I will have the ability to begin utilizing the other tools and be a part of the family. If someone in the group wants to reach out directly to schedule something or has an idea that will help me. Please call me at 214-310-6898. Thanks again.

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Hardwood lumber has an industrial size one that they’ll sand them down to super accurate tolerances for not very much


I have a vacation coming up and will not get another class up until the second week of August [my last class was last night]. One of the other Woodshop teachers might get one up prior to that…

As to the drum sander, is should be able to handle the long boards [you might need to move/nudge some equipment/people]. It usually has sandpaper installed - the condition is sometimes suspect.

I will also second that while running a business through the Space is technically possible, I would strongly recommend caution. The tools see a lot of use and abuse - there are times when they may be down for significantly long times [for example the drum sander had been down for quite a while not too long ago].

As a final FYI a great write up on how to use it [for anyone thinking of using it]: PLEASE READ! Drum sander operation/information