Dropped off tree trunk in back


I dropped of a tree trunk for lathing wood in the back. How should i be processed?


Do you know what kind of tree it is? What are the dimensions?


No i do not know what type of tree about a 1 in diameter.


Sounds like a bonsai tree :-v


your right 1ft and 6 in sorry.


hmm. hard to tell what it is by the pic. The crotch areas in between the branches make for good bowls. To get that into shape to turn is a lot of chainsaw work. Im not sure the small electric one we have will do the job. I can look at it today and maybe cut it up this weekend if it’s still around.


Thank you. Makerspace provided free wood at the lathe class. I would like to be respectful and do my part. I don’t want to just take but respectful and return in kind or return in the similar sentiment of respect.


looks like sycamore to me. Ill bring my chainsaw tomorrow and make it into manageable pieces and pit it on the shelf in the woodshop.


Now I just need to schedule a time with you so you can teach me how to turn a bowl. I mean I turned table legs so I am basically a pro now LOL


lets do it! maybe after the holidays.


I feel jilted. :sob:


Ah boo, it’s not you, it’s me. I can’t be locked down to one turner, I need to be free…


This wood is now in smaller, more manageable chunks. Its on the shelf in the woodshop. There are a few really choice crotch pieces and some black walnut as well. Make cool shit!


also, I was told by people smarter than me that its pear. Good stuff!


More wood in back.


the shelf in the back is that, like, anyone can get some for their projects? is there a policy? some signage would be useful.


The shelf is free for projects. Use your manners and best practices, don’t take every piece of wood and load it up and take it home to hoard it. If you want to practice turning, or need some wood for a project, grab it. If something seems way to good to be true it may be a mistake, maybe post to ensure it is free for the taking and someone (like me) didn’t leave it there in error.


This is the wood i have donated. Please use this.


I won’t be able to cut this up for a bit. Have some xmas projects to work on this weekend. If anyone wants to see if the electric chainsaw is working, feel free. Its been a while since I tried it but it was butter knife dull back then.