Drone building class

Hey everyone,

We are discussing a ’Drone’ class. 

Since there are any number of topics to explore, I would like to pose the question to this group asking which topics you all feel would generate the most interest and attendance.

Racing drones 101-
Participants will receive a micro quad($30) in the class and be taught fundamentals of flight and explore resources(such as simulators) to engage in the sport at a low cost
Racing drones 201-
Participants will receive a box of parts needed to assemble their racing drones. Parts can be ordered separately or at a cost of $150 through the class. class(es) will cover the basics needed to assemble and configure your first racing drone.
Intro to Autonomous UAV’s
Participants will learn to use open source software to create and execute flight plans and collect data. Participants will also learn to use DJI hardware and software to create, and execute flight plans in order to collect data.
Commercial Drone License prep
Participants will learn what resources are needed to understand federal airman regulations and requirements to pass the federal aviation administration part 107 commercial drone license examination
UAV’s for 3D mapping-
Participants will gain a basic understanding of aerial survey and learn how to use hardware/software to create 3D renderings.


I’d be interested in racing 101, commercial operating, and 3d mapping.

“Puts his hand up.”

Yes please

I would try and make these.

All look good, but 3D mapping is particularly interesting.

Hi, all

I’m definitely interested in Racing/Freestyle drones, particularly building them.

I would try to do them all eventually.

I’d sign up for both racing classes - been wanting to get into that for a while now.

Hell yeah. I’ve been eyeing parts for a while now, but ultimately back off because I don’t feel confident in knowing what I’m doing

I would be interested.

Me and two friends are interested in Intro to autonomous UAV, Commercial drone license prep, and 3D mapping

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Adding myself to thread. My son left a partially built drone with finishing parts for me, but I haven’t gotten my hands into it yet; would love to learn.

I’m interested! Also looking for people to fly freestyle/race together with. I just finished setting up my new beta85x after two days of fighting with it.

Wow, my memory of buying a racing rc drone and flying it into a tall tree is coming back…That was my first and last (until now) drone project. I still have the remote so, yes I would also be interested in a building, flying class. I want to slowly progress towards flying drones commercially.

adding myself to the thread.
i’d be interested in these classes

Count me in also. Would be great to get some tips from those with more experience.

I know this thread is several months old now … but i’d be interested in a class if we can figure out how to have one safely.

UAV and 3D mapping sounds really cool!