Drilling Granite on Clausing Drill Press

I’m assuming this is a no, but figured I would ask before spending money on a cheap drill press-
I need to drill some holes in either a granite countertop remnant or a granite surface plate (currently doing remnant, may switch to surface plate) and have a diamond tipped hole cutter for it. Would it be possible to do this on the Clausing drill press?

The biggest issue I see is I would need to use some water while drilling, and obviously this will generate some stone dust/slurry. I would do my best to make sure no water is left on the machine, and could wipe down with oil or something suggested to prevent corrosion. Thanks!

You might want to use the drill press in Glass Works instead. Mind you, we only use wet sponges to get the water to cool the stone/glass/whatever.

This one? I found this picture on talk:

I would be fine with that. It’s a little small but I could figure out a way to support the slab and make it work

Also build a pool with clear silicone to hold the water in the cutting area. Then use a bucket underneath to catch the water as it drills through.


I’ve seen using putty as well:

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That’s the one!

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Putty is cheap and easy … reusable.

I’ve used play-doh before as well.


Alcohol is a better coolant and it isn’t damaging to the drill press. Denatured is good; isopropyl is better.

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Someone might take that alcohol recommendation seriously. One stray spark …

Isopropyl alcohol is hard to light. A cup of water will put it out. That’s one reason it is used, another is it has a visible flame, methanol does not (why a colorant is added to racing fuels so the driver knows where the fire is).

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I ended up getting a chance to talk with Tim and if I end up bringing a piece of granite to drill to the space I think I should be in good shape.

That said, I just realized I could also use some coolant similar to what (I assume) the CNC uses to reduce any worries about corrosion if using water. Something like this 37294 - QualiChem XTREME CUT 251C.

Thanks everyone!

To clarify, as long as it is all cleaned up, for those who may wonder. Additionally, that doesn’t mean people can start machining granite/stone in Machine Shop. Granite/Stone is very aggressive on fine machined surfaces which is it generally not allowed to be machined in Machine Shop.