Dragon egg wood source

I’m trying to get a hold of a couple of pieces of some cool wood that I can use to make another couple of dragon eggs. I only need a couple of 3-4" squared pieces, so I’m wondering if anyone has some lying about they’d been willing to sell me.
Or recommendations for less expensive options. I don’t want to buy a big piece.

I’m thinking giving one to a charity auction for an animal shelter, so any other cool ideas you have, I’d love.


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Check Islewood on eBay, they are typically who I go through and they do sometimes sell packs of leftover chunks that will fit your needs. they also do sales from time to time so I just check in every so often to see what they have. One of the reasons I don’t do these classes very often is because sourcing burl at a reasonable price can take a lot of time.


I bought an 8 pound batch of burl cap wood, and 2 gallons of the resin. Am happy to split the batches if anyone wants to go halves.

Let me know



I have some resin I need to use up, but I might be interested in buying some of the wood from you.

On another note, I’ve seen those rings where they get the craggy look by burning the split/cracked end. Has anyone had luck with that?

Paging @trapper13
I believe he has or is currently playing with this concept.

Edit- @Jeeves may also be able to help.

I haven’t tried the burning but I’m trying new things out with the rings

Heres one where he chars the wood

That jedrek29t video is the overall approach.

For the split wood, jagged range look, take about 5-6 6"x2"x1" strips of your desired wood. Clamp the strips in a vice one at a time and hit them with a hammer. If it is breaking too cleanly drill a few tiny holes at varying places along your break line. Try hitting them from different ways (skinny side up, fat side up, clamped vertical, etc) and then out of the strips pick the ones you like. I use an old wire wheel brush in a dremel to further mar it up without looking uniformed. The hand torch works well for charring the wood but be careful not to go to hard with it, light quick passes and just keep going till the desired look.

After that its resin paint, hot glue/tape and more resin, Shape it on a belt sander to desired “gem” look, and then sanding…lots of sanding.

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