Dovetail/Box-Joint Jig

Do we have a servicable dovetail or box joint jig for use with the router, or do I need to purchase my own? Need to make some small wood storage boxes. I will purchase my own router bits, but need to know what collet sizes we have at DMS.

I hope you will post the details here if you purchase a jig. If you purchase, teach classes on the process until it is paid for. I’d take such a class.

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So we currently have a couple of options we have a basic simple is the better model we have an upgraded porter cable model and then we have a top of the line (currently out of commission due to part sourcing issues) Leigh pro jig
Your best bet is to use the porter cable, located on the woodshop storage! I printed out the full manual and instructions and they should still be in there if not let me know I still have the file and can send it to you!
But we do have the collates there needed but if you wanna buy your own always a good option
Bits you will have to provide your own but what I’d do is just buy a nice spiral straight cut bit (I’ll provide links) and then a set of the dovetail bits cause for different thicknesses and types of joints you actually need not only different sized dovetail bits but also different angel bits so it’s best to have a set so you can do anything you want!
But forewarning when dialing in the jig, you need a significant amount of scrap lumber the exact thickness as you final stuff, what I do is run a test pass if it’s off run over it the saw trim
Away from the failed spark so you have a new clean edge and repeat which will most likely be in the 10-30 times in some cases to get it to spot on! But once you do so it’s a rinse and repeat after that! Just write down all your adjustments that worked and then it’s a breeze to knock out evens 20 joints once you have it dialed in

Box joint jig for the router provides less than idea results we have a table saw box joint jig and it’s far left cubby on the miter saw cabinet! Must use dado blade and confirm match between blade and the little spacer piece on the jig before starting
Also put a piece of masking tape on the surface you’ll be cutting both sides for both jigs it’ll almost remove all tear out