Donation--printmaking felts (?)

Hi Printmaking, I have two extra forming blankets, one 18" wide and the other 26", and wanted to see if they would be useful to DMS.

Forming blankets are the thick wool ones that you can use for printing on the Blick press. They usually work best for intaglio or collagraph. These are super clean and nice–I just have too many. They could be cut down and used on the Blick or left intact if DMS gets a bigger press in the future.

Would they be useful or in the way? I know a few other places where I can donate them, so please don’t hesitate to let me know if they would not be useful at this time.


I will take them if printmaking does not :slight_smile:

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@jeffbob co-chair, heads up, accept or refuse this nice donation please.

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Astrud requests that they be accepted.


Done. Dropped them off today with Astrud. Happy printing! :slightly_smiling_face: