Donation found at DMS entrance

Earlier today I was at the space when member Rob Virus called my attention to an "accumulation of stuff at the 102 entrance marked “Donation”. No name given. Really, it looked to be the remains of an estate clean out. Nothing of remarkable value. I took the stuff to the machine shop; a photo of most of the contents is attached. A small aluminum drill press stand I moved to lot 8 of the auction (contains the mill). Is there a formal procedure for adding something to an auction lot? I claimed a few small items for the machine shop, including a set of Nichols mini files in newish condition, a tiny engineers’ square, a set of imperial hex wrenches, and a set of screw driver bits.

There appears to be stuff that could interest to other committees, such as a handheld belt sander, a soldering iron, a hand router and a set of wax forming hand tools in great condition. The stuff is currently under the blue table in machine shop in a cardboard box and a steel tool box (part of the donation itself) marked “National Rifle Association”.