Donation for Printmaking

ok, so I’ve found the following letterpress blocks in my stuff that I’d be happy to donate to printmaking. Since I make my own stamps these days, I no longer need these. All are lettertype high (0.918") so they should work just fine with the clam press. @lisaletters or @jeffbob just let me know when someone is available if the donation is acceptable.

I have these available as well. I can make them available for loan, but I’m not willing to donate them just yet. Harley and Masonic stuff go for quite of bit of money since they are highly sought after for stuff like leatherwork as well.


If you ever decide to part with the harley/Masonic ones, I would be interested.

well they go for about $70 on ebay, so I’m not in a hurry. cheers!

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That is awesome! I will be in printmaking on Saturday between 10-12pm, otherwise you could catch me during my next letterpress class on 3/4. Those clover leafs might be fun to play with for St. Patty’s Day.
Thanks for the donation, I will ask Jeff for the protocol on accepting a donation.

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I’ll see you then. Protocol is easy. As long as the chair accepts it we’re good unless the donor wants a tax form which I do not.