Donation for leatherworking

Donating these to the leatherworking dept. they’re with the sewing stuff now. Great for hand stitching. Blunt ends so no finger stabbing. Enjoy.


Awesome! Thank you very much!

adding these to the leatherworking stuff as well. I have no idea what the spikey wheel things are so obviously don’t use them. I have burnishers I like better than the wheels. And I have a coated set of diamond punches. The punches are 4mm. Enjoy.

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The spiky wheeled things are stitch wheels: they mark out stitch spacing when using an awl (or the drill press) to make stitch holes.

The pricking irons (Shown to the left Of the stitch wheel) are an alternate means for making the stitching holes. One uses a hammer to mark (and make) the holes. Some projects (e.g. saddle making) don’t allow for the use of pricking irons due to the curves involved.


Thank you for letting me know what they are. I assumed the stitch wheels were something like that. I have just been using my diamond hole punches to mark the spacing for the holes.

I’m pretty happy with how my first leather project has turned out so far. If only tandy would hurry up and ship my liner leather so I can finish my holster.